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Touch Screen Paperless Salon Software and Spa Software Under One Roof on the Cloud

Not Just Spa Software, CRM At Its Best!

Guest Dashboard keeps everyone on the pulse every minute: from the chair, room, or at the front desk. Watch customer service and sales tickets improve using Cloud devices for the team.

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Not Just Salon Software, Social Marketing

360 Degree Social Marketing with VCS Salon Software and Spa Software. Text, email, Facebook and Twitter are All integrated. VCS can measure who came in, what they spent and if they returned.

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Not Just Salon Software, it lives on the cloud

Our Amazon ec2 Cloud host is up 99.9999% of the time. Powerful server, all your software, daily backups, disaster recovery and 24/7 support = more for your money for your spa and salon.

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Don't Settle for Less -More Software for Spas and Salons

Paperless Using Mobiles Everywhere in the Salon and Spa

Have it Your Way! VCS Scales to Your Salon/Spa Needs

Not just salon software, it's a business tool box for success.

  • Rewards Program for Spas and Salons
    Rewards Program for Spas and Salons

    Virtual Cloud Software embeds a paperless loyalty rewards feature for spas and salons  requiring no plastic cards. Another green solution designed to grow revenue from Virtual Cloud Software. Recent...

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  • Deskless Guest Dashboard software for Salons/Spas
    Deskless Guest Dashboard software for Salons/Spas

    Deskless Guest Dashboard software for Salons/Spas is all about Today and what is happening right now. The front desk loves it because it’s always current and the information is all in...

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  • AIM Intelligent Social Marketing
    AIM Intelligent Social Marketing

    Social Marketing is current and the best method to meet your clients where they live, on their mobiles.  Relevant marketing brings in new business and clients spend more...

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  • Real Time Online Booking
    Real Time Online Booking

    How many of your clients use the Cloud for bookings?  Statistics say the growth is phenomenal.  Clients are demanding it. Busy lives mean convenience and Virtual Bookings lets...

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