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Virtual Cloud Software is an All-In-One CRM (client relationship management) system that lets you have it your way!  Tell us your story by answering questions on the VCS Wizard.  Within seconds, the Wizard sets up your software on the Amazon ec2 Cloud Host just the way you like it.  Need a tweak?  Go back to the Wizard make the adjustment, test it and continue with adjustments until you are happy.  It’s like having your own customized software without programming or complicated installations!

All modules are integrated without outside APPS covering everything needed; client booking on line, self service kiosk check in, guest dashboard, notes, history, color coded movement, shared sales ticket, point of sale, deductions,  and pre-booking the next appointment.  Every action becomes  a transaction and staff members share a part in the success of the client’s visit  on their paperless tablet, mobile phone, or laptop as clients move throughout the facility.  Each device is  secured according to staff member’s job descriptions using individual log-ins and passwords.

Between visits, AIM (all in one messaging) stays in touch providing text appointment reminders, happy birthdays, emailing a product promotion based on their buying habits and almost anything you can think of to target groups of clients intelligently  with relevant opportunities and information. The integration tells you not only how many opened, but who came in and how much they spent.  A complete circle.  Let’s get started!

Contact us at 404.832.4145 or email us.   

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