About Our Team

icon_work_34x35  Who We Were Then

The SCI team builds software for salons and spas that grows revenue, improves daily operations and improves client relations.

We partnered with salons to discover our future in the Beauty and Wellness industry. Complex processes make up every salon or spa  business personality. We listened and held client's hands when computers were just getting started in the salon industry in 1986. Happily we were matched with well known high end salons that had a great need.

In 2005 we made the decision to write for the web for future releases. Pioneering another first, SCI knew the Cloud wouldn't be a fad but a standard and Wow!  The Cloud has taken over almost every aspect of our lives.

By 2008, SCI released a complete Virtual Spa and Salon package for the industry on a private cloud.  Recognizing private clouds were not as powerful, in 2010, we moved to the public Cloud, Amazon ec2 as the Host with a new name, Virtual Cloud Software. By 2013, we were ahead of the technology curve with new innovations on the #1 Cloud Host in the world.  Any device with a browser can access Virtual Cloud Software that has a 99.9999% up-time on the Amazon Cloud Host.  ECS (enterprise cloud services) team monitors 24/7. Amazon, a good partnership and a great decision for Virtual Cloud Software and our valued customers.

icon_sm_google Who We Are Today

Today SCI remains on the forefront of innovation by writing CRM (client relationship management) software.

The VCS Guest Center is advanced all-in-one software that connects to all the other spokes in the wheel making it the most cohesive APP on the Cloud to control and monitor your day with the goal of making every single guest happy; cause and effect, the guests purchase more.  Staff use the software according to their job/task and all focused on the guest. Each piece fits into the puzzle completing a guest's experience and every transaction is tracked on VCS.

All processes are tracked and measured to paint a picture of the business at any given time.  Processes tracked with sufficient detail reveal answers otherwise unknown. Decisions are based on all angles of the reality of the numbers. From these numbers and your relationship with team members, new paradigms form.

Backed by the finest support teams, we are confident VCS software keeps our customers safe with the best in security during a disaster or good times.

We are available for a demo so ... Let's get started.

icon_market_34x35 Our Firsts in the Industry

  • The Control Center – 1986
  • The Paperless Environment – 1991
  • Client Booking On Line – 2000
  • Central Booking Call Center – 2003
  • Web Based Software Design – 2005
  • Recommend, a retail strategies breakthrough – 2005
  • Self Service Kiosk – 2005
  • Voice Automated Appointment Reminders – 2006
  • Web Based Credit Card Integration – 2007
  • Transaction free Gift Card Processing – 2007
  • Phone/Tablet workstations on the floor – 2007
  • SaaS (software as a service) – 2008
  • True Cloud Hosting on Amazon ec2 - 2010
  • Embedded AIM All in-one Messaging - 2013
  • Client Tablet check in and demographic updates - 2015
  • CRM (client relationship managementt) - 2015
  • Wizard Cloud software set up and maintenance by the customer - 2019
 Cloud Skills


SCI is serious about support, with regular hours and 24/7 emergency support. SCI's support team take care of all your challenges or questions relating to the Virtual Cloud Software. Email and text or voice support with real people answering the phone.

All possible for one low monthly fee that includes your VCS product, Amazon ec2 Host and support for both.


With a remote training session, customers are ready to go live in one-two days with client information entry, point of sale, and scheduling.  Additional training scheduled for modules as they are ready to become active.  Our training sessions for you are ongoing opportunities to know your App better and discover all the nuances for constantly improving and fine tuning your operation.  No matter who opens up next door, you are ahead of the curve and your clients recognize it.

icon_platform_34x35 Skills

  • SCI is an innovator in Cloud Software
  • Strong business IT experience
  • Skilled software analyst and programmers
  • Systems network analyst on the Amazon ec2 Cloud host
  • Ability to set up and manage the Amazon ec2 Cloud servers