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About Our Team

icon_work_34x35  Who We Were Then

The SCI team's goal is to continue building software that either grows revenue, improves daily operations or both.

We partnered with some of the most successful spas and salons in the business in the beginning to discover the real needs in automation.  We listened and held client's hands when computers were just getting started in the salon and spa industry.

In 2005 we made the decision to write for the Web for future releases instead of Windows.  With more firsts in the industry, we continued to pioneer the very best options and the Cloud has proven its worth.

By 2008, SCI released a complete package for the industry on a private cloud. In 2010, we improved and moved to a public Cloud, Amazon ec2. By  2013, we were ahead of the curve with new innovations on the Cloud to keep our customers competitive. No cheap imitations.  The #1 Host on the Cloud in the world with a true browser based business App that is up 99.9999% of the time and has your back every day. Incredibly good ECS (enterprise cloud services) team monitors 24/7. Amazon, a good partnership and a great decision for Virtual Cloud Software and our valued customers.

icon_sm_google Who We Are Today

Today SCI remains on the forefront of innovation by writing client focused apps on the Cloud.

Our Guest Center Dashboard is 100% unique.  It connects to all the other spokes in the wheel making it the most cohesive App on the Cloud to control and monitor your day with the end game of making every single guest happy. It turns out we have the best CRM (customer relationship management) system in the industry, another first.  Every staff member has their own browser based device for their particular job description.  Totally secure, staff can only see and operate the functionality matching their job description.  EVERYTHING is designed to center on the Guest's needs today and in the future.

Using the CRM transaction based model, the knowledge needed to serve the client is at your fingertip.  Processes tracked with sufficient detail reveal answers otherwise unknown. Decisions are based on all angles of the reality of the numbers. From these numbers and your relationship with team members and clients, new paradigms form.

We are confident our support team and the #1 Cloud Host in the world will keep customers moving forward during a disaster or good times.   Amazon EC2 Cloud Host has a 99.9999% up-time and VCS has a 24/7 support team for emergencies.    You can be confident that Software Creations will continue their field of excellence now and in the years to come.    Let's get started.

icon_market_34x35 Our Firsts in the Industry

  • The Control Center – 1986
  • The Paperless Environment – 1991
  • Virtual Booking On Line – 2000
  • Central Booking Call Center – 2003
  • Web Based Software Release – 2005
  • Recommend, a retail strategies breakthrough – 2005
  • Self Service Kiosk – 2005
  • Voice Automatic Appointment Reminders – 2006
  • Web Based Credit Card Integration – 2007
  • Transaction free Gift Card Processing – 2007
  • PDA/Phone/Tablet workstations on the floor – 2007
  • SaaS (software as a service) – 2008
  • True Cloud Hosting on Amazon ec2 - 2010
  • Embedded AIM All in-one Messaging - 2013
 Cloud Skills


SCI is serious about support, with regular hours and 24/7 emergency support. SCI's support team take care of all your challenges or questions relating to the Virtual Cloud Software and also includes  24/7 support. Email and voice support with real people answering the phone.

The Cloud makes it all possible for one low monthly fee that includes your VCS Apps, Amazon ec2 Host and support for both.

Clients, join our User Forum!  Contact us for your user name and password.


Our training sessions for you are ongoing opportunities to know your App better and discover all the nuances for constantly improving and fine tuning your operation. Updated training happens every time there is a new App or feature. When embraced as a part of your business plan you are always improving. No matter who opens up next door, you are ahead of the curve and your clients recognize it.

icon_platform_34x35 Skills

  • An innovator in Cloud Software
  • Experienced with the languages of the Cloud
  • Strong business IT experience
  • Skilled at writing transaction based CRM software
  • Experienced on setting up and maintaining Amazon ec2 servers