Software Creations Core Values

A Complete Solution For Spas and Salons Under One Roof

SCI brings smart business process software to Beauty and Wellness that improves the spa and salon work place and connects to the guest in new and innovative ways.  SCI‘s core product, VCS (Virtual Cloud Software) combines state of the art technology on the Amazon ec2 Cloud Host from any browser based device at any time of the day or night in real time.

Software Creations core values center around providing the best in CRM (customer relationship management) software TODAY and then afterward on the client’s phone where they live.

Supporting a green initiative, all processes can be paperless and each part of the business can use browser based devices that connect to the SCI Amazon ec2 Cloud Host supported by an excellent team of advanced network engineers 24/7. Their job is to maintain the Amazon ec2 Cloud host: 99.9999% up-time, backups and disaster recovery.

AIM completes the circle and stays in touch on the clients phones with text, email, social media widgets and a host of marketing tools integrating with VCS client information. VCS adds value to messaging and social media by targeting the client list, measuring who came in and if they returned by promotion.

The Goal – Customers will tastefully and organically increase sales through better and always improving CRM software.  Information is power and SCI software provides relevancy to every guest visit with the touch of a button. This goal is centered around being of service to the needs of the guest whether in the spa or salon or later on their mobiles.

Relevancy and easy to use under one roof is the goal for all VCS Cloud App integrations. API’s must pass the 3 question criteria when looking at the next best thing on the Cloud for Beauty and Wellness.

  1. Does it make more money for salons, spas or any spin off …
  2. Do guests have a more enjoyable experience . . .

VCS puts the ‘ i ‘ in CRM empowering people at all levels to better understand and engage with guests!

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