A New Paradigm and Demo

There is a new paradigm catching on.

Is the Front Desk a Person, a Place or a Thing?

Once you go from paper to electronic paperless records, you no longer need a single physical place to gather the information. A device by task lets you gather information where ever there is a computer. That could be at the front desk, in the back office or even in a different building. The computer becomes the Data Center of the spa or salon. The spa or salon becomes Front Deskless.

Front Desklessness does not mean that no one does the duties of the front desk. There is still a place. Desklessness is simply a way of managing the work flow of a client using computers and technology. It is still a thing, just a different thing.

In the past, front desk in whatever form has been ignored in the Process except for check in and out and maybe offering a magazine. Maybe a "are you ok with products"?

Service providers as a whole do well at selling retail during  a promotion and then statistics show they drop right back to where they started from a few weeks later. A few realize the importance and sell a lot effortlessly.

Now, Mobility is here and it moved in fast. Virtual Apps are ready.  VCS is a  device by task App ready to implement in any business related to Beauty and Wellness.  The gap is bridged with service providers and front reception communicating through a tablet and a phone.

The new paradigm is service providers that don't sell are sometimes the best service providers and so instead of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, their team mates up front do the selling and can.  The SP's job is to touch in the products from a menu that goes right on the VCS paperless ticket.   The team up front closes the recommendation.  A new way to affect the client work flow and become seamless in a front deskless world.

VCS connectivity today  is so advanced, it's possible for all of the salon or spa to focus on the guest right now in front of them.  She feels cared for with every new person because they know who she is and can focus on just her.  It's amazing what happens organically,  Communication is like never before with information flowing to better serve the client. The average ticket goes up.

Virtual Apps are mobile and ready.  The greeters use a tablet, the service providers use their phones, and front reception uses a desk top or tablet for POS.  Each with their own secure passwords to access information that only relates to today's clients and their task. Everyone's plugged into the secure Amazon ec2 on the Cloud and the #1 host in the world.  New team members can plug in immediately no matter what position level or App use. The new paradigm is to keep the wheels turning and not lose productivity.

Team meetings work well once a week but monthly can work. Measure where everyone is to the spa or salon goal of 30% retail to gross.  Teach the ones pulling it down and reward the ones that are knocking it out of the park. VCS tracks both service providers and front reception team mates and it's easy to spot the winners. Inter-training opportunities make it competitively fun and the Payroll Incentives App splits the incentive in any way the spa or salon chooses.

In 2013, we released AIM (all in-one messaging). This social media and strategic targeting connection closes the circle on being appropriately in front of the client inside and outside the spa or salon.  Strategic targeting for messages just moved up a level with your own face book and twitter widget right on the AIM Console.

From booking on line to receiving a text confirmation; VCS is that and everything in between. Connectivity is a  fascinating new world of opportunity to enable information movement.

Being a browser based Cloud product, we have many things in mind for the next product announcement. It's an exciting time to be in technology. Watch Virtual Cloud Software's progress or join us on the Cloud as a client and connect on the blog with a great group of clients in an open User Group forum.

The Open Forum is almost here. No filters other than you must be a VCS client. Watch our blog for new announcements.

Open communication is the new paradigm. Your ideas make VCS software better and better so keep them coming.

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