24-7 Customer Customer Support

Customer Support: Level I, II, III 

The details of your issues are tracked on the cloud in SalesForce.com through their open ticketing system. When you have an open ticket, our entire team knows about it, can see the details and collaborate on a solution.

Need Help?

Either email us or call 404.832.4145 and ask for support. From 9 AM -8 PM Easterndispatch will get the details of your issue and get the information into the hands of our tech team. After 8 PM Eastern, for serious problems (eg. you can’t function at all) dispatch will contact support directly and we’ll get right to work on your issue.

Level I Support

After listening to the challenge and documenting, Level I either solves the problem or connects you with the right person. If it is an emergency, meaning you can’t operate, the challenge is elevated to the top of the list no matter what time of day or night.

Level II Support

98% of the time, challenges are solved at Level I & II and the ticket is closed.

Level III Support

For that 2% our top technical team dives into the problem and GETS. THINGS. DONE. Communication stays open as they keep you apprised of the situation and request more information as needed. The ticket remains open until the case is solved.

The SCI Support Team is dedicated to keeping customers up and running 24/7. We’ve got you covered under one roof.

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