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Good news for Salons without Receptionist

Good news for Salons without Receptionist

If your salon is mainly walk-in without a receptionist, add a Virtual Cloud Software Kiosk for check in integrated with the Point of Sale check out.  The clients check in by touching in their phone numbers and touching the service they wish to have that day.

The clients appear on the service provider's phone or tablet in the order they checked in and the color changes when the SP provides the service.  Right from their Mobile device, the Service Provider checks out the client and books the next appointment and VCS emails the receipt.  The client's name disappears from the list making it easy to manage today's appointments.

Your clients will be impressed with the efficiency and the salon can take care of business as it happens.  The salon stays up to date, eliminates messy paperwork and saves time.  Oh, did I mention, the Virtual Cloud Kiosk Software for salons is super EASY to use!


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