Virtual Wizard Software on the Cloud for Salons and Spas

Virtual Wizard Software on the Cloud for Salons and Spas

project-2Virtual Wizard lives on the Cloud but not just any Cloud. Amazon ec2 hosts the Virtual Wizard that asks questions about how you prefer to operate. The Wizard's function is to take your answers and build a personalized App. Decisions are made in this process.

  • Service categories, service menu items, retail categories, retail numbering scheme, retail items with barcode number, gift card categories, gift card items
  • Service providers, front desk staff

Select the Apps you want activated; on line booking, inventory management, tag team recommend, POS, payroll commissions as examples. The Wizard has a set of questions for each App. Launch Apps separately. When ready, launch another. Didn't choose an App first time around, no worries, activate it later. The Wizard is flexible.

Virtual Wizard sets up your initial Apps for training. After 4 hours you are making appointments, using the Control Center to check in, adjusting tickets, checking out and re-booking the next appointment. The Service Providers are checking schedules and at the end of the day, front desk is balancing the drawer(s) and running appropriate reports. Practice a couple of days and you are functional.

Wait a couple of weeks and activate the Inventory App. Enter on hands from the Physical report, activate minimum/maximum numbers, order and balance inventory for a Just in Time inventory App  ....  Next Payroll Commission Plan .... Next Advanced Appointment Booking ... Next .... Profitable Points rewards ....

When all chosen Apps are complete, you have your business plan in a box. Look to Virtual Cloud Software for the tools to increase revenue and control the environment on the Amazon ec2 Host, rated #1 in the world.








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