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What does Cloud Software Mean?


What does Cloud software mean? Many are still wondering about this latest IT phenomenon that is taking over the world.

Much confusion abounds. Some think if you operate on the Cloud, you have given up all your information to the Big Cloud in the sky. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your data is safer on the "Cloud" than it is on a local computer in the spa and salon. Locally, you can be hacked, ransacked, given a virus and stolen from. Easy to do because spas and salons don't have an IT services team guarding the gate. Employees are often the biggest offender when it comes to stealing client information or infecting the local computer with a virus.

Rated #1 in the world, the Amazon ec2 Cloud, safe guards your information.  Passwords are provided by task so staff can only access the portion of the system that lets them do their particular job.  The serious, confidential information cannot be compromised.  There is a powerful firewall and the Cloud Services team keeps information safe and accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world at any time. It's backed up every day and if you want a copy of your information to keep on your local computer as a safeguard, just ask.
After all, the data or information on the Cloud belongs to the salon and spa.