CRM Software for your Spa and Salon – At Its Best

CRM Software for your Spa and Salon

CRM Software for your Spa and Salon

Connect To The Guest In A Whole New Way

Virtual Cloud Software is your business plan in a box because the focus is the Client. Every client floats through their visits as every staff member knows who she is based on the information on their smart phones and tablets. Armed with the Cloud device that makes the most sense for the task, Customer Relationships have never been better. The guest notices from the moment she checks in. When someone steps toward you and greets you by name, the relationship changes. There is a place to start a conversation after glancing at her picture and notes on the Virtual Cloud Software check in tablet. “Can I get you that tea with lemon? How’s school”?

Virtual Cloud Software, the leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in a paperless environment takes it to the next level.

CRM Software for your Spa and Salon

“It’s my birthday.” “Happy Birthday! What are your plans?” Front reception sends a note letting the whole salon join in on the conversation. “Someone has a birthday party tonight, let’s do extras!” The service provider gets started while explaining the products throughout the service. "I can't wait to hear all about it, I love it!” SP quickly touches in the recommendations on his smart phone on the paperless sales ticket and adds a personal note to ask about the party next time. Information is real time as it is entered. Instantly reception sees the product recommendations. Because the guest is known and cared for, she buys all the recommendations. She’s confident with her new look, and the salon doubled the sale with products. SP and Reception both get credit! The Ultimate Report measures.

Cause and effect. When the team works well, retail goes up.

Green, paperless Virtual Cloud Software  - fast, mobile, and never keeps the guest waiting because everything is accessible from the Cloud on the most powerful host rated #1 in the world, Amazon ec2; always up with a 99.9999% up-time. Log on to VCS with any Cloud Device using a secure log in by task and you are at the guest's elbow.

Virtual Cloud Software - State of the Art Technology for One Low Monthly Fee.