Central Booking for Spas and Salons

Save Money with Centralized Booking from one Client Database

Virtual Cloud Software's Central Booking App provides opportunity to train professionals on the proper way to book for the salon or spa's operation.  No need to know the service providers personally because with a touch of a button, you can see the profile and picture, hours worked, specialties, education in the industry, even personality type.  The booker easily matches the client to the right person.  And no more playing favorites.

Pick a place in town that doesn't charge the high rent the spas and salons have to pay and cut down on expenses.  It is possible that you will not need as many bookers because when staffed individually, you could have some staff that are not that busy but you need a half person to keep up.  You could eliminate one or two positions.

A central client data base for all locations make it easy to switch a client to a neighboring location when her regular service provider is booked and she has to get in now for a big event.  It's all about flexibility and convenience to the guests.

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