Chain Connect on the Cloud

The Cloud makes the maintenance of a chain of spas or salons easier than having independent servers at each location and sync at the end of the day.  None of that administrative hassle with Chain Connect on the Amazon ec2 Cloud.  A central client database, and a central warehouse inventory can be activated making central booking and ordering from a head office easy and accurate.

Salon or spa managers are not inventory experts and would rather spend  time focusing on guests and staff as they should.  The only local activity is a physical  inventory count and sending packing slips to the head office where they maintain Just in Time inventory methods.

Run standard productivity reports by spa, salon and chain wide totals.  Larger enterprises can be broken down by region or state.  Need to see another view, choose  fields of information you need to see and generate a report one time or save it as a new standard. Your numbers are real time and always available from anywhere, anytime on the Cloud.

Information has never been safer.  Options for chain-wide security and redundancy are deep and wide.  The Enterprise Cloud Services team monitor the servers 24/7 and back up every day at a minimum.  Choose your level of security.

Amazon is elastic.  Need more power at one location due to a heavy load, Amazon expands ensuring a fast response time.  Rated #1 in the world with a 99.9999% up-time, Amazon ec2  is the top Cloud host out of the top four public Cloud offerings.  You are in good hands with Chain Connect on the Amazon ec2 Cloud host.



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