Deskless Front Desk

Alternative Approach to Spa and Salon Management and Work Flow Using Connected Go Green Records.  Now front desk is wherever there's a device. Front desk on the floor, in the office, at the station, in the room, or wherever the guest is at the moment. The deskless front desk is now everywhere on a desktop, smart phone, and tablet and the purpose, a device for every team member to take an action to serve the client.

The Deskless Front Desk means you check her in by recognizing her picture on your mobile, walk over and greet her by name.

“Hi Ms. Hambrose, how are those boys?” Glancing down, "Can I get you a coffee with cream?” With the touch of one button, all is there on the tablet! Think she feels special?

And you’re just getting started. The service provider (SP) knows the guest well by scanning through her client profile on his smart phone. After a beautiful service, the SP discusses the take home plan and touches in the Recommended products or services from his phone on the go green floating sales ticket. When he's too busy to consult about products, he knows his responsibility is to touch in the recommendations on his phone because the guest has a right to know.

All the front reception has to do is JUST ASK. The SP's recommendation on the go green ticket is enough for most guest to say "yes". Both team members are measured and reviewed by the number of recommendations on the floor and closes at the Go Green Moving Front Desk.

The Deskless Front Desk means front reception can walk with her to pick out products recommended by someone she trusts and maybe sell a few more. From a tablet or even a smart phone, ring up the ticket by selecting a secure stored credit card on file as a member of the loyalty program and email the guest's receipt. The guest will notice not only great services but an efficient and smart business as well.

The team loves it because everybody wins.  Plug in the incentives of choice on VCS Commissions connected with Point Of Sale. Arm with the appropriate Cloud devices for every action happening today. The Deskless Front Desk is a breakthrough in technology for Beauty and Wellness.  Use the apps, motivate, measure and stand back.

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