Flexible POS from Control Center

Robust POS system for every salon and spa personality.  This is where the transaction takes place, the exchange of money between you and your guest.  To complete the Process, it needs to be quick or invisible.  If you are accepting cash or charging on a stored credit card, this is the last thing the guest remembers.  With Virtual POS, it's cordial and efficient.

The basics plus;

  • Credit card integration with the processor of choice
  • Pay on Account and carry a balance
  • Background color on today’s Control Center dash board turns a different color to indicate payment status; salon owes money or client owes money.
  • Automatic gratuities App at POS
  • Will charge amount to the room when integrated property management system is present at a resort or hotel
  • Unlimited number of items on the ticket
  • Up to 10 payment types on one ticket including redeeming  gift cards
  • Group pay with ability for one person to pay but also track guests services and their product  history
  • Tracks amount owed in client history
  • Flexible adjustments on the pre-ticket during visits; change, add, delete items, service provider credit and front desk credit on new items through Recommend
  • Ring out with credit card stored on secure Verifone server
  • No credit card numbers stored on Amazon ec2 server so you are PCI compliant
  • Email receipt

All today's sales information stored in the daily log  including client #, payment types, iou's, checked in time and checked out time, gratuities, client type and produces a .csv file for report generation.

The daily balancing report stored in the transaction log for a paperless balancing at end of day.  Balance to the penny every day and believe all the numbers in the Reporting App.  Great information for accountants.


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