Powerful Appointment Scheduling

VCS powerful appointment scheduling can span from one person to thousands in multiple locations.  It can be for one spa or salon or as many locations as required with a Central Appointment Booking App from a central client data base.  

A futures booking operation in a less expensive space is possible because each service provider has a personal profile and it is one touch away.  A more professional environment for the clients and no playing favorites for the spa and salon.

  • Service provider are separated by their own services, time span, and prices and automatically fill in the blanks when booking
  • Find openings by group or individual and VCS  looks  into the future 20 days out
  • Group the service providers under a menu of options like female massage, color, etc. or spontaneously tag two service providers or a group for a new view of appointments and book
  • Wait book maximizes the booking because when clients cancel, a client list is waiting to fill the new opening
  • Automatically book multiple appointments with requests or next available.  You can store different combinations on a menu and make changes spontaneously.  Book 6 appointments in less than 30 seconds
  • View one service providers book 32 days out and book from there
  • Automatically books processing time for color and cut
  • Book rooms automatically with a particular service provider or VCS forces you to book a room when room is used by multiple providers
  • Tracks client types, new,  new request, regular, regular request, and redo as examples.  Seven user definable types for reporting
  • Book according to special notes from the client record, 'long hair, 15 min xtra' and overide automatic booking and add the extra time.
  • Overbooking is an option

How many columns to show on the screen, moving appointments, jump to a column, add a note for service provider, appointment booking requires flexibility and VCS is ready for the spa or salon.

Smart choices for better booking.

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