Real Time Online Booking

How many of your clients use the Cloud for bookings?  Statistics say the growth is phenomenal.  Clients are demanding it. Busy lives mean convenience and Virtual Bookings lets her book at midnight if she likes. This is a must include for improved Client Focus.

VB is real time and when she touches the "Book It" button, your internal book is updated instantly in a different color.

Run a report at the end of the day to make any adjustments needed.

Fill those empty slots the day before with AIM as your partner to text a book an appointment before midnight and receive 20% off to their clients.

Competitive client booking systems send a request or show all the openings and the client picks, too much information.   Virtual Bookings finds the openings automatically based on  time and date request.  Not available, VB suggests the next available or try the next day.  Virtual Bookings is intelligent making it easy for any one to book on line.

Decide how you release it to your clients using  VB's options.  Some service providers stay  booked solid, don't include them.  Nervous about double process color, don't include it. Let them cancel on line or not.  Virtual Bookings Software conforms to any business environment.

Whether you operate a spa or salon, there is an on line booking software in your future for your clients.  They will  like this one and so will you.  Great tool to keep the book maximized and eliminate the long waits on hold.

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