Reports Paint the Picture

VCS provides the basic reports  and a  robust reporting engine.  More than just reports, there are menu options that provide  the spa and salon a new way of looking at the information. 

Sales history dollars can be run by service provider, brand, all products, one product, buying this but not that, all services, one service and is basically unlimited.    

No need to run 10 reports to get one picture.  The Ultimate provides a picture and quickly. Take a few minutes and absorb what is being revealed. Pictures emerge about productivity in your spa or salon. There is more than one way to look at productivity.  Retention is the second report to get the full picture.  VCS Ultimate and Retention Reports (do links)

The Custom Category report provides the ability to pick the categories or items.    Many set up this report when running a special promotion for a particular date range.  By service provider options  include categories;  total $,  avg ticket,  #of tickets, #of units, % to all, % to self, incentive paid and salon deductions.  Another enterprise report by salons or spas cumulatively.

Touch the AIM button to make a list  to text or email a promotion to a targeted list of clients.  New clients, appointment confirmations, spending most money, buys a certain brand and hundreds more.  These become the headings for promotions of any kind.

The  sales summary is by service provider or cumulative by salon enterprise.  One tracks the service providers and the other tracks cumulatively by location in the enterprise.

Optional Sales Summary report field combinations are by any range of date. Your choice become the headings for  a quick need to know report  or save it as the new standard report for the spa, salon or enterprise.

  • Total service
  • Total retail
  • Total gift certificates sold
  • Total Sales, minus gift certificates sold
  • Total incentive payments (technician)
  • Total incentive payments (cashier)
  • Total points
  • Total Salon Deductions
  • Total gratuities
  • Total retail, ignoring discounts
  • Total service, ignoring discounts
  • Total sales, ignoring discounts
  • Total untaxed retail sales
  • Total untaxed services
  • Total retail, when ticket has NO services
  • Total retail, when ticket DOES have services
  • Ticket count by cashier
  • Ticket count by SP
  • Ticket count, tickets with SVC only
  • Ticket count, tickets with RET only
  •  Client count for SP.
  •  Client count all.
  •  Retail client count.
  •  Service client count.
  • Retail as a percent of service
  • Percent of store total sales
  • Average retail amount per retail client
  • Average service amount per service client
  • Av sale/ticket. Uses total tickets, not client cnt.
  • Av retail amt/ticket. Uses total tickets not client cnt.
  • Av service amt/ticket. Uses total tickets not client cnt.
  • Total tax collected, actual, cashier
  • Total retail tax, calculated, cashier
  • Total service tax, calculated, cashier
  • Total tax, estimate, tech
  • Total tax, calculated, cashier, type3)
  • Total tax, calculated, cashier, type4)
  • Total tax, calculated, cashier, type5)
  • Total tax, calculated, cashier, type6)
  • Total tax, calculated, cashier, type7)
  • Total `Post to Host` tenders, by cashier

And there's more.  You never know when you need to know just that one bit of information that happened last month.

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