ROI – AIM (all in one messaging)

ROI AIM (all in-one messaging)

1.  Auto Appointment Confirmations

ROI:  Text the day before reducing no shows

2.  Thank you New Client

ROI:  Text or Email and combine with a Refer a Friend Promotion

3.  We miss you

ROI:  Text or Email those who haven’t been back with a promotion and reactivate clients

4.  Look at your slow days and text

ROI:  Cancelation available at 20% off – maximizing your book

5.  AIM QR Code Promotions

ROI:  Add a QR code to text landing on a promotion on Facebook or Web site.  Combine with Thank you and We Miss You promotions.  Poster at Front Desk for Refer a Friend QR scan

6.  Select anything in VCS databases

ROI:  Everyone who has had cut but no color, promote color shampoo for everyone with color, everyone buying a certain brand, clients who spent the most money and the list goes on

7.  Promotions for every Holiday

ROI:  Father’s Day can build a larger men’s clientele, partner with your vendors for Holiday give always, Sweetheart promotions on Valentines and the list goes on

8.  Improve presence on Social Media    Text a promotion that lands on Facebook and updates Twitter

9.  Build a new service provider book

ROI:  Text or email an acquired prospect list with a 50% off the first appointment and then measure retention

10. Know how well you did reports

ROI:  AIM will track who opened and Virtual will track who came in based on sales providing measurement information to do it again or tweak

11. Implement Virtual Points

ROI:  Promote through reward points versus hard dollars.  Studies have proven clients spend 20% more.  You can design your points system to only give away 2% using Virtual’s design your own rewards and membership module

12.  Double points on Tuesday

ROI:  Pick your slow days and give away double points maximizing your book

13. Buy 2 products for double points

ROI:  Increase retail dollars on today’s ticket



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