ROI – Amazon ec2 Cloud for Spas and Salon

Amazon ec2 Cloud Hosting Return on Investment

1.  No Hardware no Headaches

ROI:    Your information is on an Amazon ec2 host with 99.9999% uptime.  If one salon/spa goes down because of a local internet blip, everyone else is up.  Amazon ec2 is very, very rarely down. Access and run Virtual from your URL with any internet device

2.  Amazon ec2 Host is FAST

ROI:  With a fast internet line and Amazon, access is almost instant increasing productivity

3.  Safer on Amazon ec2

ROI:   Your staff cannot get to secure information on Amazon versus on an in house server.   Staff can operate only the functions to serve the client today and cannot see or operate any other tasks

4.  Back Up and Redundancy

ROI:  Amazon ec2 Cloud Services backs you up every day.  Should a disaster occur, your information is moved to another worldwide Amazon Center

5.  Green Paperless and Mobile

ROI:  No need for paper inside the salon/spa.  Less energy because you don’t have a traditional server in house that requires a lot of electricity

6.  Write off the entire Monthly Fee

ROI:  Because Virtual Cloud Software and Amazon are Software as a Service, you can write both off as an expense

7.  One Point of Contact

ROI:  Instead of having expensive network providers locally, Amazon Cloud Services works with the Virtual software support team and resolves all issues without your involvement.  One phone call to Software Creations

8.  Move with the Client

ROI:   Instead of being stuck behind a front desk, get your mobile and move because you can run the Virtual software from anywhere on the floor.  Assign passwords by task and organize your salon to be present moment by moment with the clients

9.  All Upgrades are included

ROI:  Software run times from Microsoft are automatically upgraded and so are Virtual Cloud Software upgrades.  They happen while you sleep without any interaction from your salon/spa

In today’s world, the Cloud is the dominant player.  If a software provider is not on a real Public Cloud, they are not up to date.  Software Creations has more technological firsts than any other software company in this industry. Private Clouds and Hybrids can spit, sputter, freeze and go down.  Make sure when you choose Cloud, you are choosing Public Amazon ec2 rated  #1 in the  world.

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