ROI – Virtual Cloud Software

Return on Investment Virtual Cloud Software:

1.  Recommend Retailing on the Cloud

ROI:   Creates Tag Team and increases Retail from 7% industry average to 20-35%

2.  Loyalty Points & Membership

ROI:  A  2% give awayto keep them loyal and client spends 20% more on today’s ticket

3.  A Deskless Front Desk Check In

ROI:   Less expensive way to greet and know the client with notes increase today's ticket

4.  Paperless Mobility on phones and tablets

ROI:  Distribute workload and service providers add product and services on the phone

5.  On Line Client Booking Real Time

ROI:  1-2 more appointments per year per client

6.  Gift Card Processing

ROI:  Eliminate transaction fees, reload cash, theft proof system.

7.  Just In Time Inventory Processing

ROI:  Not too much nor too little on the shelf using a min/max system with suggested order amount based on sales.  Spot slow movers

8.  Payroll Commissions System

ROI:  Split incentives for Recommend from Service Providers and Closes at Front Desk, 28 levels of commissions and salon deductions.  Produces Gross pay report for payroll.  It’s always right and reduces labor

9.  Productivity Reporting

ROI:  Ultimate report tracks service provider and front desk recommends and closes, totals for services, retail and pre-bookings.  One report helps you analyze staff along with client retention report and you are Review Ready

10. Customer Relationship Mgmnt.

ROI:  Best CRM when inside with information at your fingertip from any internet device.  Notes, color coded alerts, changes and additions to the ticket, and no lines at front desk

11.  AIM (all in-one messaging)

ROI:  Email, Text, Facebook, Twitter and Voice Mail integrated with Virtual Cloud Software databases helps you stay in touch where the client lives, on their phone.  CRM at its best outside the salon provides client “stickiness”, they stay with you longer

12. Virtual Enterprise System

ROI:  Virtual Cloud operates centrally on Amazon ec2 connecting all salons/spas together with ability to flip from one appointment book to another in all salons.  One client database with sales history individually and combined.   Managers and owners can access all locations and run any report, view any activity and generally know what’s going on without having to be there saving thousands of driving hours or plane fares

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