Rewards Program for Spas and Salons

Virtual Cloud Software embeds a paperless loyalty rewards feature for spas and salons  requiring no plastic cards. Another green solution designed to grow revenue from Virtual Cloud Software. Recent study proves the Return on Investment.

Guest Rewards Builds Loyalty and Increases the Amount People Spend and the Number of Times They Visit the spa or salon

A recent study from the University of Chicago revealed that guests buy up to 20% more on the same day when using a Rewards Program. The study explains how to structure your loyalty program to bring a high return by giving away as little as 2%.

Brain teaser: Study revealed if consumers are confronted with two choices; a. buy 10 shampoos to get 500 extra points or b. buy 12 shampoos to get 500 extra points. And get a bonus of two shampoos when you choose a. 90% of the clients will pick b. even though it is the same 500 points.

Design well using Virtual Profitable Points App, an open system that lets you fill in the blanks to get to a comfortable profit margin. The study suggests you can give away as little as 2%. Call our support team when you are ready for our ideas and there is no limit to the number of ideas with Virtual Profitable Points.

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