Manage Your Salon and Spa From Anywhere With VCS

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Manage Your Salon and Spa In A Smart Way

“Wow, good day at the downtown salon! I can see what’s happening right now from my kitchen without getting in my car and driving from one location to the next. The Cloud is the best.”

Reviews are coming up. With Virtual Cloud Software I can see whose recommending products and whose closing at the front desk. Cynthia ranks at the top at suggestive selling. She is 20% higher than the rest at recommending product. I’ll have her coach the team to get her secrets. So easy now to stay on top of my game! This information was hard to get before VCS. I had to run 10 reports to get a picture. Two reports and I am review ready.

Physical inventory counts next week. What’s selling? No one can get that shampoo to sell! I’ll leave more shelf room for the hot shampoo that’s selling. VCS automatically fills in the order amount when stock gets low based on my min/max. That’s great but min/max is subjective. I’ll look at what’s actually selling and what VCS suggests ordering based on the last quarter’s average sales by item. Checks and balances are needed to maintain a Just In Time inventory. Not too much and not too little on the shelf saves money and frees up my cash flow. That product is selling fast and VCS suggests higher than the order amount. I’ll up the Min/Max numbers.

Clients are coming in more often since the rewards program. I don’t discount and give away hard earned dollars on promotions. I set up my values to give away as little as 2% so I do double points promotions and still look good on my product sales for the year. I can choose a service, product, brand or give points on the entire ticket to keep clients returning more often. Tuesdays are slow. I’ll do a  text promotion with double points and a travel shampoo using AIM. Everybody loves points. I’ll activate the membership component and target the clients who spend the most money to buy an annual membership package.

Love not having to buy plastic cards, points are handled internally on VCS with no transaction fees. The balance prints on her receipt or a copy is sent to her email, no fumbling for another card. It’s effortless and the rewards keep them coming back. Clients are loyal to a spa or salon who carries a point balance and spend more every time they redeem. Great App.

The Apps in Virtual Cloud Software help improve the salons overall performance and it gives me my day off back! The monthly fee includes all the Apps for as many devices as I need by task. Can’t be beat. The revenue is growing and my fee stays the same each month.”

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