CRM Salon Software Under One Roof

CRM Salon Software Under One Roof


Measure who came in using POS salon software integrated with text, emails and social media to quantify the results

Salons and Spas practiced CRM (customer relationship management) for years before it became such a  hot item.  Paying attention to clients was and is the foundation of the  industry.

Virtual Cloud Software recognized  most  CRM efforts are  convoluted with multiple vendor requirements who don’t really integrate well with each other.  Since spas and salons are usually understaffed when it comes to administration and marketing, VCS combines everything under one roof to make it easy and possible.

With the sophistication of CRM software today, salons and spas take it to a whole new level to increase sales and improve client retention.  With Cloud devices such as smart phones and tablets, communication is open and immediate among staff to make the visit the best that it can be.

The VCS spa and salon software records different client interactions.  Client flow and habits are a direct result of appointments,  purchases  and  social media responses between visits.

Using  smart phones,  service providers  understand the clients’ interactions and greet them accordingly while in the salon or spa.   Knowledge at your fingertip  increases today’s ticket and keeps the clients coming back.  Click here to learn how.  

Move into the client’s life with targeted  text and email promotions relevant to the client’s interactions and measure the results accurately using the POS  salon software.  Know who came back as a result of the promotions  and how much more they spent during their visit.  Analyzing every promotion  fine tunes the effort to keep the ones that  work and discard those that don’t  using one Virtual Cloud Software solution.

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