Salons and Spas: You know how many opened. Do you know who came in and how much they spent?

Salons and Spas: You know how many opened. Do you know who came in and how much they spent?

Have you noticed when you visit a site on the internet ads pop up on other sites for the same or similar items? Search engines know where you visit and make assumptions about your intentions. That's called artificial intelligence and the assumptions may or may not be valid.

Virtual Cloud Software's artificial intelligence is fact based transactions on what really happened. When someone books an appointment or purchases retail or services, the transactions are stored indefinitely and can be grouped into "targeted client segments" for the salon or spa's specific needs right now or during special events and holidays.

Check out what large companies are saying about "fact based marketing" and get excited that Virtual Cloud Software  takes you there more efficiently and without the expense.

Targeted marketing to an established client base yields a 5-20%  return and is proven to be the most inexpensive and effective way of retaining clients and increasing the average sale.  Salons and spas can glean the client's preferences from the history of sales in Virtual Cloud Software POS and use that information to make intelligent choices about marketing by measuring the facts.

While other products measure who opened the text or email, Virtual Cloud Software takes it to a whole new level by knowing who came in as a result of the campaign and how much more money they spent.  

Other methods on social media result in a surprisingly low yield with no ability to measure actual sales.  Sure you can see number of likes but what does that mean to your bottom line?  Nonetheless, face book, twitter, web pages and other social media are a must in today's technological climate.   When used as a part of the Virtual Cloud Software's targeted marketing  campaigns, clients click on a text or email link taking them to a page on your web site or face book page to claim their prize.  While there, they check out your pages and this double exposure becomes  more and more valuable over time.

You can only measure what you track and Virtual Cloud Software tracks it all resulting in unlimited ideas to consistently reach your clients and measure the success. Repeat  campaigns that work and try something new when they don't work.  Knowledge is power and Virtual Cloud Software is the only product that makes it easy to measure the results with intelligent segmentation and real measurement based on facts.

Contact us and let's brainstorm solutions customized for your salon and spa's personality and geographic footprint.  Let's get started!

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