Innovations 2014

Smart Phone and TabletMore Mobile Options in 2014 ...

Everyone's seen the little Square Swipe on phones in places like flea markets or festivals. Great idea! So, SCI researched and found processing companies with competitive rates, better gateways and security. Everything currently offered is duplicated plus some. The little device can put your cash register on a phone in the hands of anyone authorized to ring sales. Move away from behind a counter and ring out your guests on the floor in the retail area or at the service provider station at the end of the day. Just email the receipt. VCS is a totally Paperless CRM (customer relationship management) system for improved convenience for you and your staff.

API_ImageShh, there’s another API mash up in sight ...

... that has to do with measuring color and sure fire mixing. Finally! Stay tuned for some spectacular integration with VCS More Guest Information.


Cart Image

So many cart integrations to choose from …

SCI is in always in search for APIs that meet the 2 question criteria to choose just the right partner for our customers' benefit. Selling your products on YOUR website must be seamless and integrate to the central VCS Just In Time Inventory Management System on the Cloud. No need to manage two inventory systems when one will do! One central point of accountability manages valuable merchandise movement, honing to always just enough, but never too little, freeing a substantial amount of cash flow to spend on marketing back to the client base based on buying preferences through AIM and VCS.

Integrations are fast and possible…

Thanks to SCI Cloud software engine technology, we keep everything under one roof so our customers don’t have to deal with too many vendors. Your VCS salon/spa management software is the core from which you operate. Coming from VCS core integration adds value as evidenced by AIM.  Not only did we add a social media, text and email platform, the integration with VCS measures who came in as a result, how much they spent and if the guest is retained. New integrations will always add value to the VCS core.

  • 24/7 support with SCI
  • One point of contact
  • All under one roof

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