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The Amazon ec2 Cloud is the Perfect Choice

Want to know what the Real Cloud is actually? Watch this video.  It takes a big subject and breaks it down for first graders and the rest of us.  

SCI is dedicated to advanced technology on the Cloud with Apps that are the foundation of spas and salons.  The VCS Apps help sell more retail, make more appointments, track retention and improve the flow.

VCS Apps run  on the Amazon ec2 Cloud host and can be accessed from anywhere inside or outside the spa or salon.  Passwords are set by department category and level.  Service Providers can look at their schedule from home but nothing more, or nothing at all, or everything.  Adaptable  according to the business culture.

Owners can access and run the entire suite of Apps  from the comfort of their home to prepare for reviews or when in a meeting with the bank from a tablet.  Run a real time report and boom there are the facts.

Amazon perfected the Cloud platform and SCI perfected salon and spa software for the Cloud.  The partnership is powerful.   VCS Apps on the Cloud have the fastest response time in the industry.  Amazon is rated #1 in the world with a 99.9999% up-time.  

Amazon ec2 is elastic and expands as our customers needs expand.  The Enterprise Cloud Services team with advanced technical skills and experience keep the fast response time steady no matter the size or number of transactions of the business.  One low monthly fee for VCS and Amazon ec2 host.  And the host is monitored 24/7 and the phone is answered by a real person.  SCI takes customer service seriously with mission critical Apps and so do our partners.

Safe, immediate and fully functional.  VCS and Amazon ec2 can prove the Business Plan  in a Box and bring the Cloud to you.   We're waiting for you to plug in.